Mechanical Press Machine Precision Press 125T

Short Description:

● The mentioned features of the servo die height adjustment function and die height memory function provide significant benefits in reducing mold change time and improving production efficiency.

● These functions allow for quick and accurate adjustment of the die height, ensuring that the setup time for different molds is minimized.The complete counterbalance system is designed to reduce the displacement of the die height caused by changes in stamping speed.

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Main Features:

Knuckle presses revolutionize the stamping world by combining advanced mechanical features, high rigidity, exceptional precision and impeccable thermal balance. This cutting-edge machine ensures unparalleled performance, enabling manufacturers to redefine precision and efficiency.

Knuckle presses are perfectly designed with rugged construction to withstand the toughest operating requirements. Its high rigidity guarantees maximum stability and sturdiness during the stamping process, reflecting its ability to withstand the enormous forces exerted by the machine. This feature is essential for reliable and consistent results, ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards.

MARX-125T Knuckle Type High Speed Precision Press

Main Technical Parameters:

Model MARX-125T
Capacity KN 1250
Stroke length MM 25 30 36
Maximum SPM SPM 400 350 300
Minimum SPM SPM 100 100 100
Die height MM 360-440
Die height adjustment MM 80
Slider area MM 1800x600
Bolster area MM 1800x900
Bed opening MM 1500x160
Bolster opening MM 1260x170
Main motor KW 37X4P
Accuracy   JIS/JIS Special grade
Upper Die Weight KG MAX 500
Total Weight TON 22


Perfect Stamping Effect:

Horizontally symmetrical symmetrical toggle linkage design ensure the slider moving smoothly near the bottom dead center and achieve a perfect stamping result,which meets the stamping requirements of lead frame and other products.Meanwhile,the motion mode of the slider reduces the impact on the mould at the time of high speed stamping and prolongs the mould service life.

Perfect Stamping Effect

MRAX Superfine Precision一一Good Rigidity and High Precision:
The slider is guided by a guide of double plungers and octahedral flat roller with nearly no clearance in has good rigidity,high inclined loading resistance capability,and high punch press precision.High impact-resisting and wear-resisting property of the
Knuckle Type High Speed Precision Press guide materils guarantee long-term stability of the press machine precision and prolong the intervals of repairing mould.

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Structure Diagram

Structure Diagram



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Press Products
Press Products
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Question: Is Howfit A Press Machine Manufacturer Or A Machine Trader?

Answer: Howfit Science and Technology CO., LTD. is a Press Machine manufacturer which specializes in High Speed Press production and sales with an occupation of 15,000 m² for 15 years. We also provides high speed press machine customization service to satisfy your specific requirements.


Question: Is It Convenient To Visit Your Company?

Answer: Yes, Howfit locates in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, the South of China, where is nearby the main highroad, metro lines, transportation center, links to the downtown and suburbia, airport, railway station and convenient to visit.


Question: How Many Countries Had You Been Successfully Made A Deal With?

Answer: Howfit had been successfully made a deal with Russian Federation, Bangladesh, Republic of India, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the United Mexican States, The Republic of Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and etc for so far.

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