DDH-300T HOWFIT High Speed Precision Press

Short Description:

● Compact and reasonable structure.Tie Rod and Slide guidance Integration Slide guided by the steel ball with high precision.

● Hydraulic Locked Tie rod with long-term stability.

● Dynamic Balance:Professional analysis software plus years of industry experience;realize the stability of high-speed pressing.

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Main Technical Parameters:

Model DDH-300T
Capacity KN 3000
Stroke length MM 30
Maximum SPM SPM 450
Minimum SPM SPM 100
Die height MM 400-450
Die height adjustment MM 50
Slider area MM 2300x900
Bolster area MM 2300x1000
Bed opening MM 2000x350
Bolster opening MM 1900x300
Main motor KW 55x4P
Accuracy   J IS /JIS Special grade
Total Weight TON 65

Main Features:

● The frame is made of high strength cast iron, which eliminates the internal stress of the workpiece through natural long time after precise temperature control and tempering, so that the performance of the workpiece of the frame reaches the best state.

● The connection of the bed frame is fastened by the Tie Rod and the hydraulic power is used to prepress the frame structure and greatly improve the rigidity of the frame.

● Powerful and sensitive separation clutch and brake ensure precise positioning and sensitive braking.

● Excellent dynamic balance design, minimize vibration and noise, and ensure the life of the die.

● Crankshaft adopts NiCrMO alloy steel, after heat treatment, grinding and other precision machining.


● The non-clearance axial bearing is used between the slide guide cylinder and the guide rod and match with the the extended guide cylinder, so that the dynamic and static accuracy exceeds the special grande precision, and the life of the stamping die is greatly improved.

●  Adopt the forced lubrication cooling system, reduce the heat strain of the frame, ensure the stamping quality, prolong the press life.

● The man-machine interface is controlled by microcomputer to realize visual management of operation, product quantity and machine tool status at a clear sight (central data processing system will be adopted in the future, and one screen will know the working status,quality,quantity and other data of all machine tools).



DDH-300T (4)

Press Products

DDH-300T (2)
DDH-300T (1)
DDH-300T (3)


Shipping And Serving:

1. Global Customer Service Sites:

① China:Dongguan City and Foshan City of Guangdong Province, Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province,Qingdao city of Shandong Province, Wenzhou city and Yuyao city of Zhejiang Province, Tianjin Municipality,Chongqing Municipality.

② India: Delhi, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru

③ Bangladesh: Dhaka

④ The Republic of Turkey: Istanbul

⑤ Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Islamabad

⑥ Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

⑦ Russian Federation: Moscow

2. We provide the on-site service in commissioning test and operation training by sending engineers.

3. We provide free replacement for the faulty machine parts during the warranty period.

4. We guarantee the solution would be given within 12 hours if malfunction come up to our machine.

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