The brief introduction of Howfit high-speed press machine(II)

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Brief Introduction of our producuts(II)

1.Motor balance:

Professional analysis software combined with years of industry experience, achieving stability during high-speed stamping. The core of this machine lies a sophisticated operating system, a masterpiece of engineering that orchestrates its every move with impeccable accuracy.


2.Adjustable gasket:

Years of precipitation and accumulation in punching technology, we restore equipment accuracy with minimum cost. A marvel of engineering, this machine operates at lightning-fast speeds, transforming raw materials into intricate components with remarkable accuracy.


3.High performance controller/drive components/electromagnetic clutch/steam components, bearings and other high-end configuration:

This machine boasts an intuitive user interface, a gateway through which humans and machines communicate effortlessly.It will redefine the limits of what is achievable, empowering us to conquer challenges, explore new frontiers, and ultimately create a future that is brighter, more prosperous, and more harmonious for all. The High-Speed Press stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of efficiency and precision in manufacturing.  Its ability to churn out complex parts at blistering speeds, while maintaining exceptional accuracy, makes it an indispensable tool in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape.


4.Lubrication system:

The forced thin oil lubrication cooling system is adopted to fully lubricate the bearing, reduce the thermal strain of the crankshaft and fuselage, ensure the accuracy of the punch in different environments, and extend the mechanical life. It operates at hundreds of strokes per minute, effortlessly punching, stamping, or forming materials with each cycle.  This remarkable speed allows for mass production of components at an unprecedented rate, significantly increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing lead times.


5.Straightening mechanism:

The structure design of six-round guide column is adopted, and the guide column and slide block are both made of linear bearing without clearance, which eliminates the influence of connecting rod swing on the slide block and improves the anti-biased load ability of the slide block. This force is channeled through a series of precisely engineered dies, which mold the material into the desired shape.  The dies can be intricately designed to produce complex geometries, intricate patterns, and sharp features with exceptional detail.


The accuracy of the High-Speed Press is equally impressive.  Its advanced control systems ensure that each stroke is executed with utmost precision, maintaining tight tolerances and consistent quality.  The machine’s rigid construction and sophisticated sensors work in harmony to minimize vibrations and deflections, resulting in exceptional repeatability and dimensional accuracy.

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