Knuckle Type Precision Press Precision Connector Stamping 50T

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They are found in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and appliance manufacturing. When considering a high-speed precision press, it is important to evaluate factors such as maximum force, stroke length, drive system (hydraulic or mechanical), and control options.

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Introducing the Knuckle High Speed ​​Precision Press

A revolutionary machine designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and durability for punching and punching applications. With its advanced features and innovative technology, this press will take your manufacturing process to new heights.

At the heart of this press is a unique guide system that sets it apart from conventional models. The slide is guided by double plungers and eight-sided flat roller guides with almost no clearance, ensuring excellent rigidity and stability during operation. This robust design has a high resistance to tilt loads, ensuring optimal performance even under heavy loads.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model MARX-50T
Capacity 500
Stroke length 16 20 25 30
Maximum SPM 900 800 800 750
Minimum SPM 180 180 180 180
Die height 190-240
Die height adjustment 50
Slider area 950x450
Bolster area 950x600
Bed opening 800x120
Bolster opening 700x100
Main motor 18X4P
Accuracy JIS/JIS Special grade
Upper Die Weight MAX 180
Total Weight 10


Main Features:

1.The knuckle type press maximizes its mechanism has the characteristics high rigidity.high accuracy and good heat balance.
2.Equipped with compelte counterbalance,reduce the displacement of die height due to the stamping speed change,and reduce the bottom dead point displacement of the first stamping and the second stamping.
3.Adopted balance mechanism to balance each side1 s force,its structure is eight-sided needle bearing guiding,further improve the eccentric load capacity of the slider.
4.New non-backlash clutch brake with long life and low noise,achiece more quiet press work.The size of the bolster is 1100mm(60 tonnage) and 1500mm(80 tonnage),which is the widest for their tonnage in ourfull range of products.
5.With servo die height adjustment function,and with die height memory function,reduce the mold change time and improve production efficiency.

Perfect Stamping Effect:

Horizontally symmetrical symmetrical toggle linkage design ensure the slider moving smoothly near the bottom dead center and achieve a perfect stamping result,which meets the stamping requirements of lead frame and other products.Meanwhile,the motion mode of the slider reduces the impact on the mould at the time of high-speed stamping and prolongs the mould service life.

Perfect Stamping Effect

MRAX Superfine Precision一一Good Rigidity and High Precision:
The slider is guided by a guide of double plungers and octahedral flat roller with nearly no clearance in has good rigidity,high inclined loading resistance capability,and high punch press precision.High impact-resisting and wear-resisting property of the
Knuckle Type High Speed Precision Press
guide materils guarantee long-term stability of the press machine precision and prolong the intervals of repairing mould.

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Structure Diagram

Structure Diagram

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Press Products
Press Products
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Injury Accidents Of Punch Press Often Occur In The Following Situations

(1) Operator's mental fatigue, inattention and failure

(2) The die structure is unreasonable, the operation is complicated, and the operator's arm stays in the die area for too long.

(3) When the operator's arm does not leave the die area, 60 Tons Knuckle Type High Speed Stamping Press the slider is activated.

(4) The pedal start switch is used to control the travel along the block when the closed punch is operated by many people, and the hand-foot coordination is inappropriate.

(5) When the closed punch is operated by more than one person, the guardian controls the travel of the slider and takes poor care of other operators.

(6) When adjusting the die, the machine tool motor does not stop and suddenly starts because of other reasons.

(7) There are mechanical and electrical faults in the 60 Tons Knuckle Type High Speed Stamping Press, and the slider movement is out of control.


The Main Reason For The Management Of Punch Injury Accidents Is That The Safety System Is Not Perfect, Which Is Prone To Accidents In The Following Circumstances.

(1) Workers go on the 60 Tons Knuckle Type High Speed Stamping Press machine without being trained and qualified.

(2) Illegal operation.

(3) The 60 Tons Knuckle Type High Speed Stamping Press itself has no safety device.

(4) The equipment is out of repair.

(5) There are safety devices but they are not started.

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