Characteristics of Knuckle high-speed punch press

The Knuckle type high-speed punch press is an advanced mechanical equipment with many features and advantages. The following is a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the Knuckle high-speed punch press based on the parameters provided:

Pressure capacity: The 80-ton pressurization capacity means that the Knuckle high-speed punch has greater impact force and is suitable for processing harder workpieces. This high-pressure capability ensures the stability and processing results of the punch press.
Adjustable stroke: The Knuckle high-speed punch press has an adjustable stroke, including 20/25/32/40 mm. This stroke adjustability is very flexible and can be adjusted according to specific processing needs to adapt to the processing requirements of different workpieces.
Stroke number: The range of stroke number of Knuckle high-speed punch is 120-600/120-500/120-500/120-450 spm. With a variety of stroke number options, the equipment can flexibly respond to different working conditions, improving production efficiency and processing accuracy.
Work surface size: The work surface size of the Knuckle high-speed punch machine is 1500×800 mm, which has a larger working space and can accommodate larger-sized workpieces. This provides convenience for processing large workpieces and expands the scope of application of the equipment.
Accessories and devices: The Knuckle high-speed punch press is equipped with a variety of advanced accessories and devices, such as universal frequency converter + speed regulating shaft motor, combined air pressure clutch brake, dynamic balancing device, etc. These accessories and devices can improve the stability, processing efficiency and accuracy of the equipment.
Other optional accessories: The Knuckle high-speed punch press also provides a variety of optional accessories, such as anti-shock devices, precision cam clamp feeders, material guide rails, etc. These optional accessories make the device more diverse and able to meet the individual needs of different users.

To sum up, the Knuckle high-speed punch press has the characteristics of high-pressure capability, adjustable stroke, multiple stroke number options, larger work surface size, and equipped with advanced accessories and devices. These characteristics give the Knuckle high-speed punch press significant advantages in terms of processing efficiency, processing range, and workpiece accuracy. Whether you are machining large workpieces or machining tasks requiring high pressure, Knuckle high-speed presses provide a reliable solution. Based on real data and facts, we can be sure that the Knuckle high-speed punch press is a mechanical equipment worthy of recommendation and application.

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Post time: Sep-21-2023