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Die selection of Longmen high speed ...

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Die type choice: Longmen high-speed punch die type selection must be considered for stamping shape, size and precision of the stamping process plan, production batch size, the performance of stamping equipment, material and parts, convenient operation and safety, mold manufacture and maintenance capability, production preparation cycle condition stamping and processing costs, through comprehensive analysis and comparison of the final decision.
In the small batch or trial production, usually the simple mold, the combination mold or the single process mold, in the medium batch production, uses the single process mold, the compound mold and the continuous mold; in the mass production, uses the hard alloy compound mold and the multi station automatic continuous mold.
It is easy to manufacture and debug single process die, and sometimes the manufacturing cost of several single process dies may be lower than that of the sub compound die (or continuous die). When the size of the parts is large, the single process die should be taken priority. The use of multiple single process dies in Longmen high speed punch can not only obtain the same productivity as the continuous die, but also can change the stamping direction of the blank at any time in the process of precision punching.
Compound dies can multiply productivity. But the compound process of compound die is usually less than four process number, more process will make the mold structure is too complex, die strength, stiffness and reliability are also reduced, manufacturing and maintenance more difficult.
Continuous die can include punching, bending, drawing and forming and other processes. It is easy to take out and remove scrap. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, so high speed press can be used. However, the die structure will be complicated if the punching or local forming process is arranged on the side wall of the workpiece by continuous die stamping.
Then, the single process die, compound die or continuous die are mainly decided by the size of parts, the manufacturing tolerances and the batch production, and the fit with the high speed punch installation in Longmen.