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What is the accuracy of Guangdong...

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High speed punch high stiffness, high guiding precision, high grinding tungsten steel mold life, in the high speed punch used to the improvement of the production efficiency. High speed punch has fairly high stiffness and accuracy. In addition, the multi position progressive die also requires high rigidity and accuracy of the high-speed punch. At present, the market of the body by high speed punch integral casting structure, and use the four tension screw preload, forming prestress, to eliminate the gap clearance, most are the wave guide of high speed high precision. As the eight rectangular column, the steel ball guide roller guide. Some liquid hydrostatic guides are used to eliminate the horizontal displacement of the slider and improve the blanking precision and the life of the die.
Because of the strong vibration and noise caused by stamping, the high speed punch has certain influence on the safety production and working environment. In order to reduce the influence of high speed punch vibration on adjacent equipment and buildings, vibration pad is added to the base and base of high-speed punch. The foot of a high speed punching machine uses a special shock absorbing foot and a damping foot. High speed punch and the bed, each important part and the lathe bed connection place also has to reduce the cushion, in order to reduce the vibration to these parts and the electrical appliance influence.
For larger tonnage or higher travel speed, sound insulation protection measures are adopted, and sound insulation board is processed in front and back of the stamping space, so that the noise can be reduced. But this is a special device, is not the standard configuration of high-speed punch, if the noise control has a high demand, you can buy high-speed punch manufacturers to consult.
High speed punch adopts automatic feeding machine with high feeding precision, because the stamping times are high, manual feeding can not be satisfied, so automatic feeding is the essential condition of precision punch press.