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Main advantages of automatic...

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1) high labor productivity: compared with ordinary punch using artificial feeding efficiency, automatic feeding machine productivity can be increased by 10 - 100 times; compared with the continuous stamping process, improve the productivity of 60%; compared with the semi automatic stamping production line, small yield increased by 50%. Because the automatic feeding punch uses the metal raw materials to semi-finished products of each station detection device, generally is not easy to produce negative, even if produce waste, also easy to find and eliminate in time.
2) save labor costs: a small ordinary punch in Taichung is usually operated and managed by one or two people. The automatic feeding punch needs only one job and management, and the other work can be done when one person works. The automatic feeding punch is easy and simple to operate, and has low requirement for the workers' proficiency.
3) production land less, save factory ground, automatic punching process concentration, due to the continuity of the process, does not require semi-finished products intermediate transportation and stacking area, greatly reducing the production occupied area. This is especially true in mass production. At present, in our large number of stamping workshop, the semi-finished product stacking area than the automatic feeding punch covers an area of several times.
4) the die is simple to manufacture, and the life is high. Because the process is fine, each working station adopts simple mold to complete a certain process, so the die structure is simple and easy to manufacture.
5) shorten the production cycle: the number of strokes per station of multi station automatic machine is higher, in general, no intermediate annealing process is needed between the stamping parts, which simplifies the production process of precision punch parts.
6) reduce labor intensity, operation safety: because the automatic feeding punch adopts a variety of automatic feeding device, to avoid the possibility of hands into the stamping space, operation safety. The pneumatic clamping mechanism of the die and the pad of the worktable is adopted, so the labor intensity of the workers is lightened.