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What are the materials used in high speed...

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High speed punch is required for the use of materials, generally plate and profile, plate with sheet and coil material. Specific materials can be divided into the following categories:
1, metal materials: ordinary steel plate, more for automatic punch to plate type work, or deformation of small work.
2, non-metallic materials: non-metallic materials are mainly paper, rubber plate, cloth board, asbestos board, rubber board, glue board, etc.. At present, Dongguan three high speed punch is only limited to stamping metal materials, not stamping non-metallic materials. If the stamping of non-metallic materials, you can consult related low-speed precision punch.
Different materials have different characteristics in stamping process. But there are common points of attention:
1, the work surface of the mold should be as smooth as possible.
2, the president mold edge to keep sharp, blunt must grind in time.
3, compared with carbon steel or non-ferrous metals, the president of stainless steel mold clearance is relatively small.
4, the use of lubricants, stamping stainless steel parts, the use of larger viscosity lubricants, the effect is better.
Common materials for stamping parts:
Industrial products are made of a variety of materials, therefore, the material should first have the use of performance, in order to ensure the function of the product. In addition. The material should also have proper technological properties. The stamping parts produced by high speed punch press must be suitable for use in terms of their structural shape, size and accuracy. They have the competitive power of the product itself and the materials that constitute the stamping parts, and should also be suitable for the stamping of the high speed punch so as to be suitable for stamping. Customers in the purchase of high-speed punch, should be their own product type, demand, mold size, tonnage and so on to do a rough description, so as to facilitate customer service personnel accurate recommendation products.