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How to ensure the stable improvement of die life

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When stamping all kinds of metal parts in the punch press, the low life of the die is a prominent problem affecting the normal production of the stamping parts. In order to improve the life of the die, besides improving the quality of the mould itself, such as design, manufacture, material and heat treatment, some measures should be taken to ensure the stability of the die life
1, reasonable lubrication
Lubrication can reduce the friction force of high-speed punch stamping, improve the high temperature welding phenomenon between mold and parts, and also play a role in cooling. The lubricant used for metal stamping should be able to form a protective film with high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance on the surface of the part material. Generally, pure motor and vegetable oil is difficult to meet this requirement. It must be added into the matrix oil containing sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus and other compounds. I have a certain effect in improving the quality of mesh punch cutting surface, reducing high temperature bonding and so on.
2, cutting speed of fast punch
In the rapid punch press stamping, compared to ordinary stamping requirements are many times higher, for large quantities of high speed punch parts production, must be reasonable selection of tonnage suitable high-speed punch.
3. The properties of stainless steel can be improved by heat treatment. The internal structure of the same alloy is changed, and its properties are also changed. With the decrease of plasticity of stainless steel and the increase of hardness, the quality of fine blanking cutting surface will decrease obviously. Therefore, the high quality mold in the use of high-speed punch, has played a crucial role.
4, before the mold production, to communicate with the rapid punch manufacturers, to ensure that the mold and the machine can cooperate with and stable use. The mold is used in high speed steel and tungsten steel, with good quality materials, heat treatment specification, to ensure the service life of die 5-10. When the operators use the mold, we should be careful operation, careful maintenance, put an end to man-made operation damage to the mold, as far as possible to use the mold for a long time, to ensure the stamping accuracy, saving costs for the company.