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Development trend of stamping automation of precision punch press

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The stamping automation technology of precision punch press has developed to a relatively mature period, and the basic mode of stamping automation has been roughly determined. However, with the continuous integration of machinery, electrical, electronic technology and information technology, economic development, the stamping automation of our country's precision punch will also be developed and developed. At present, high speed punch, punch, punch mesh production in Guangdong Hao Hui Polytron Technologies Inc, has been in all kinds of automation device and monitoring device, gradually developed a series of and universal, so that all kinds of automatic monitoring and control device and installation, use and maintenance is rapid and simple.
The technical personnel engaged in the production of precision punching press should have the relevant professional knowledge, and then combine theory with practice to learn the unfamiliar theoretical knowledge, so as to enrich and enrich their knowledge, and make themselves more suitable for the development of this industry.